A pre-school educational establishment for 152 children in Ādaži
Customer: Ādaži Parish Council
Designers: Skonto Būve Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2006.
Adress: Mežavēji, Kadaga, Ādaži parish, Riga district

Natural materials are used in the facades. The language of the construction shapes forms a transition from a multi-storey residential building area to a pine-tree forest.

The project plan that has been developed provides the construction of a pre-school educational establishment which includes premises for 8 nursery school groups and premises necessary for children’s development – swimming pools, music rooms and playrooms.

The idea of the project, while developing a project for the specific location, is to use the site within a pine-tree forest to bring children closer to nature – visually from the indoors – through massive glass constructions, and outside during walks – by maximally retaining the ground vegetation, by using natural materials in playground equipment, and by forming walking trails.


Within the framework of this project, an access road to the nursery school is also planned. The project plans to retain the existing trees and ground vegetation at the maximum level.