Pre-school educational establishment for 152 children on Valdeķu Street
Customer: Riga City Council Property Department
Designers: Skonto Būve Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2009.
Adress: Riga, Valdeķu Street 58

The building is located in a residential district in the area provided in the territorial general plan for construction of pre-school educational establishments in the middle of a residential high-rise construction area. The object is planned for 152 children and a staff of approximately 30 employees.

The project plan that has been developed provides the construction of a pre-school educational establishment which includes premises for 8 nursery school groups and premises necessary for children’s development – swimming pools, music rooms and playrooms. The largest volume of the communal use space, which is located across from the main access road and the entrance, forms the largest group of premises necessary for the establishment of a larger space and height, the separate nursery school blocks are expanded around the site in a fan-type layout, providing southern orientation.


Architectural solutions are chosen to enliven the urban landscape with the help of colourful facades. The amount of playfulness reflects the function of the building.