Renovation and Restoration of a Group of Buildings in Ģertrūdes Street
Customer: Ģertrūdes Centrs Ltd.
Designers: Skonto Būve Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2003. - 2004.
Adress: 10/12 Ģertrūdes Street, Riga

The renovation of Ģertrūdes Centrs included full restoration of the facade, ceiling decoration, vintage fireplaces, stained glass, and parquet.

The building, dating from 1903, is one of the most amazing examples of Art Noveau in Riga.

The new annex and the Art Noveau building are parts of a single complex. The glass-clad corner accent divides the facades of Ģertrūdes and Brīvības streets with distinctive rhythms, the lower section has been executed with high attention to detail using stone decorations and metal elements. The building features autonomous heating and modern high-speed elevators.

The restoration took place according to historical research and both old and new elements have been joined into one complex.