Latvia University of Agriculture Food Technology Faculty
Customer: Latvia University of Agriculture
Designers: SIA Skonto Būve architect office
Project implementation period: 2013
Adress: Rīgas Street 22, Jelgava
  • New constructionand renovation
  • Total space – 5 414.73 m²  (reconstruction building 370.99 m²; newly erected building 5 043.74 m²)

The reconstructed building and the newly erected building are on the land of the architectural monument of State significance No. 5163 – Valdeka Castle. The buildings are for the needs of the Food Technology Department. Taking into consideration the complicated aspects of the land, surrounding streets and the current construction configuration, the newly erected 3-floor study block is located parallel to Rīgas and Kronvalda Streets, as well as Valdeka Castle and is moved away to the maximum distance from the historical buildings located on the land. The study and laboratory block is developed as a neutral background for Valdeka Castle when viewing from Rīgas Street, while simultaneously covering the other structures behind it. The current construction volume is maintained for the reconstructed estate stable building, which is next to Valdeka Castle. It is planned to repair the plastering of the façade, paint it and match it with the previously designed Valdeka Castle painting concept.