Gilding of the domes of the bell tower and the central tower of Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral
Customer: Ltd. “Skonto Būve”
Designers: Architects’ Office of Ltd. „Skonto Būve”
Project implementation period: 2011 and 2012/2013
Adress: 23 Brīvības bulvāris, Riga

Paintwork offer for gilding of the cathedral bell tower’s dome, cross and its base.

The first phase of the campaign “Svet” was concluded in 2005 with the renovation of the facade of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, as a result of which the cathedral regained its historic appearance. At the end of 2010, unique wall paintings were re-created in the church. The next step was the gilding of the dome of the bell tower. Gilding of the dome allowed the bell tower of the cathedral to regain its glossy historical appearance originally intended by the Baltic German architect Robert Pflug.

Experienced specialists covered the surface of 80 square metres of the dome with special golden leaves. The cross base of the cathedral’s bell tower was made anew – analogous to the small bases of the cathedral’s towers.

Paintwork offer for gilding of the cathedral central tower’s dome, cross and its base.

For gilding a 380 square metre area of the dome, 23-karat golden leaves are applied using appropriate conventional technology. The works are carried out by highly skilled experts under the supervision of gilding masters; the works are expected to be completed in the spring of 2014.