Reconstruction of a Residential and Office Building
Customer: Ģertrūdes Centrs, Ltd.
Designers: Skonto Būve Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2004.
Adress: Riga, Skolas Street 9

The reconstruction project is developed for the building complex on Skolas Street 9, where according to the project by architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns in 1894, a three-storey residential eclectic style building was constructed. In the 1930s, it was integrated into a four-storey functionalist building with two yard constructions.

In the part of the building from the eclectic period, everything valuable has been renovated – the front door, wooden roll blinds and window frames and fittings, glass decorations of the small passage. Indoors, the shaped decorations of the ceiling and the eaves are renovated.


Within the project framework, restoration of the building facades has been implemented. Also, the historical construction details have been renovated and internal communications have been updated.