Client Service Centre of Road Traffic Safety Directorate Reconstruction of the Riga Motor Museum and construction of the Client Service Centre of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate in Riga, 6 S.Eizenšteina Street, second stage.
Customer: State owned stock company Road Traffic Safety Directorate
Designers: SIA “Arhis arhitekti” Arnis Kleinbergs, Jānis Zvejnieks
Project implementation period: 04.2013. - 12.2015.
Adress: Riga, 6 S.Eizensteina Street

General works: foundation works, installing of load-bearing steel and reinforced concrete constructions, construction of engineering communications, internal and external finishing, and improvement works. All engineering systems operate on the BMS mode. We installed LED system lighting that operate with a DALI control.

Construction of the Client Service Centre of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate has brought a valuable experience to all the parties involved in the construction process. As proof, we have the construction of the double sun-parlour façade where the designing, construction and organising of the work required a high level of professionalism from all involved engineers. It is the first and only façade in Latvia with this construction solution that provides less power consumption to the building while at the same time the arched and multi-faceted surface of the façade reflects the surroundings at different angles giving a special lightness and playfulness to the building.

Total area: 2779.2 m2

Construction area: 10,461m3

Number of floors: 5 floors

Height of the building: 18.77 m

Fire safety degree: U2

Energy content 66.5 kW/m2 per year