Multifunctional Centre Olimpia
Customer: Real Invest Ltd.
Designers: DEPO projekts Ltd.
Project implementation period: 04.2002.-03.2003.
Adress: 5 Āzenes Street, Riga

The three-storey multifunctional centre Olimpia is a result of cooperation between the Norwegian architectural bureaus Aakeroy, Moe & Bowe and Griff and Depo projekts from Latvia.


Although the building appears simple from the outside, with clear shapes and planning, it is a technologically complex structure which was erected in a short time and with high quality. A convenient car park is located in the basement of the building and there is also provision for the first public roof terrace in Latvia.


The centre was built by the Full Partnership SBRE consisting of Skonto Būve Ltd. and Re&Re Ltd.