Construction of Oil and Diesel Reservoirs
Customer: JSC Ventspils nafta
Designers: OLIMPS Ltd.
Project implementation period: 10.1996. -12.2001.

Three reservoir parks for storing oil and oil products were built at the oil and diesel depot. Two reservoirs with double steel walls for storage of diesel fuel with the capacity of 20,000 m3 each, two 50,000 m3 reservoirs with double steel walls for storage of oil, five 20,000 m3reservoirs for storage of oil and diesel have been constructed in addition to the dismantling of four oil reservoirs and installation of communications.

The project consisted of four stages:


• delivery and assembly of five 20,000m3 oil reservoirs in Ventspils – 10.1996-02.1998.
• delivery, design, and construction of two 20,000m3 diesel reservoirs and design and construction of two 50,000m³ oil reservoirs in Ventspils – 09.1997-06.1999.
• design and construction of six 20,000m3 oil reservoirs in Ventspils – 17.06.1997-06.2000.
• design and construction of two 50,000m3 oil reservoirs in Ventspils – 11.1999-12.2001.