Exclusive apartment complex in Jūrmala
Customer: Dzintaru Parks Ltd.
Designers: SZK un Partneri Ltd.
Project implementation period: 03.2013. - 10.2015.
Adress: Ikšķiles 4, Jūrmala

The Kado Karim premium apartment complex is the only world-class national project. It consists of three individual three-storey buildings with 21 exclusive apartments. The total complex area is 5352 square metres.

This project is the first in Eastern Europe to implement the Smart City concept – a step forward from the Smart House system already common in premium living spaces. It provides centralised, yet fully customisable control of heating, security, power supply, conditioning and air cleaning systems. The project includes unique architectonic and design solutions.

Further information http://kado-karim.lv/lv/