New admission department building at Tvaika 2, Riga
Customer: Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs State Ltd.
Designers: Ozola&Bula arhitektu birojs Ltd.
Project implementation period: 03.2013. - 11.2013.
Adress: Riga, Tvaika 2

The new admission department building was planned on the site of the two demolished wings and the former fenced-off contagious patient walk site on the Aptiekas Street building line matching the red line.The building is cordoned off with a fence in its historic place, this time in a lattice construction.The existing vehicles' entrance used by emergency vehicles is retained. The park between the existing treatment wing and the demolished wing is retained.

The new admission department building contains groups of several functionally different premises (marked with different labels in the plans) according to the required separation or organisation according to the hospital management.Therefore, the layout of the groups of premises in the common area are organised so that the patient and staff flow do not cross.

The newly constructed building has two storeys with a two-slope roof, aged brick-tiles, wood imitation treatment, taking into account the specifics of the historic architecture of this area of Sarkandaugava.

Projector-type light sources with various beam orientation pointing at the first floor area are to be used for illumination of the façade and the adjacent area. All utility networks are connected to the networks of the hospital area.

Interior solutions include elements that are friendly for people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments – contrasting colour railings and doors, wall corner overlays.