Flower Market pavilions in Vermanes Garden near Terbatas street in Riga
Customer: Rīgas nami Ltd.
Designers: Besecke Ltd.
Project implementation period: 07.2011. – 11.2011.
Adress: Terbatas street 2k, Riga

Within the framework of the project, 30 selling places were constructed with a total sales area of 313.6m2, consisting of 219m2 of internal space and 94.6m2of outer area.

The basic structure of the pavilion was solved by the building on micro piles, which were coupled with a plate of monolithic concrete. The bearing frame of the pavilion is a steel structure. The roof and facade constructions are made of glass. In order to better fit in with the surrounding buildings, besides the glass, the pavilion is built in an open shed Shed structure has been made by wood and steel. Patinated (aeruginous) copper sheets are used as roof covering material. Selling places are fully equipped with furniture and modern engineering networks (water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity, air conditioning, telephone and internet network).

Adjoining areas of the flower market pavilions are putted in order and landscaped (pavement surface changed from asphalt to concrete pavement, trees planted along the road will be tidied up and cleaned, as well as root bulls along the trees right at the pavilion are installed). New benches, waste bins and other elements of improvement are installed right at the pavilions from the side of Vermanes Garden.