New construction of production building on the rental land plot at Kaiju 9, Ventspils
Customer: Ventspils Free Port Authority
Designers: ER3 Ltd.
Project implementation period: 05.2012.–05.2013.
Adress: Kaiju 9, Ventspils

The foundation of the building uses piles connected with a monolith concrete column-type foundation.The load-bearing carcass of the pavilion consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and the roof and façade are made using metal structures.The separating structures are made of sandwich-type panels.The production building has increased cleanliness requirements, which, in some premises, must meet ISO Level 5.The production building is equipped with advanced basic utility systems – water supply, sewage, heating, power supply, air conditioning, ventilation, as well as low-voltage systems – fire alarm, computer and phone network, access system, video surveillance, public announcement system and BMS (Building Management System) as an integral part of the intelligent building design.The total area of the works is 4,247.1m2, of which 1,800.0m2 is the premises.