Construction of Mols Shopping Centre
Customer: Linstow Varner Ltd.
Designers: Sarma & Norde Ltd.
Project implementation period: First stage - 02.1998.-08.1998.
Second stage - 11.2001.-11.2002.
Third stage - 11.2004.-08.2004.
Adress: 46 Krasta Street, Riga

The works carried out on the object included: renovation of Mols Shopping Centre, relocation and reconstruction of external engineering networks, construction of new streets, parking lot, and new commercial premises connected to the existing shopping centre. The project was implemented in three stages.

The shopping centre features modern public areas, a panoramic elevator and skylights in the central part of the building. Moving sidewalks facilitate access to any level of the shopping centre. All construction and renovation works were accomplished without interruption to the vendors.


The bearing structure of the car park is a grid of columns converging towards the middle of the building.